Calculator for echocardiographic parameter percentiles of young elite athletes based on anthropometric parameters, body composition analysis and resting echocardiographic measurements of 161 elite Hungarian water polo athletes.
Body composition was measured by InBody 770.

The values marked in red are outside the 5-95 percentile range. Further cardiological examination should be considered.
Abbreviations used here are:
SMM: Skeletal muscle mass
FFM: Fat free mass
LVEDD: Left ventricular end diastolic diameter
LVESD: Left ventricular end systolic diameter
RVEDD: Right ventricular end diastolic diameter
ISWT: Interventricular septal wall thickness
LPWT: Left ventricular posterior wall thickness
RA lengths: Right atrial length
RA width: Right atrial width
LA lengths: Left atrium lengths
LA width: Left atrium width

corresponding author: Prof. Dr. Béla Merkely