Methodology of Health Sciences II. PhD course

2023/2024. Spring Seminar

Course leader: Dr. Róbert Bódizs


Time: Wednesdays at 2.00 p.m.

Venues: Library of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Semmelweis University

(NET Building 20th floor)


February 7.        Dr. János Kollár: Applying Virtual Reality in Medical Practice (postponed)


February 14.      Dr. Márk Bérdi: Methodological and practical issues in measuring suicide risk, especially from a clinical (practical) perspective


February 21.      Dr. Róbert Bódizs: Time series analysis – I: Frequency analysis


February 28.     Dr. Róbert Bódizs: Time series analysis – II: Synchronicity analysis


March 6        Dr. Edmond Girasek: Digitalisation and health sciences research


March 13      Dr. Gábor Attila Tóth: The Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research


March 20      Dr. Ádám Putz: Methods for Testing Evolutionary Hypotheses


March 27      Dr. Péter Ujma: Latent variable analysis


April 3.         Dr. Dezső Németh: Examining memory functions using neuropsychological methods


April 10.       Dr. Julianna Boros: Health-related databases in Hungary


April 17        Dr. Tamás Szalai: Attachment research methods


April 24        Dr. Péter Ujma: Methods in behavioural genetics


May 8.          Dr. Ágnes Zana/Dr. Hegedűs Katalin: Methodological considerations for tanatological studies


May 15.        Dr. Orsolya Szalárdy: Evoked responses in health sciences and psychophysiology