The basics of behavioural sciences II. PhD course – 2022/2023. Spring Semester

Wednesdays at 2.00 p.m.


February 8.     Dr. Róbert Bódizs: Timing of activity and rest: From physical through biological to social factors (lecture)

February 15.   Dr. Ferenc Túry: Family therapy in psychosomatic disorders

February 22.   Dr. Adrienne Stauder: Perceived stress, personality, coping

March 1.         Dr. Julianna Boros: Social inequality, health inequality

March 8.         Dr. Imre Lázár: Attachment and society

March 22.       Dr. Imre Szebik: Behavioural sciences aspects of obstetrics

March 29.       Dr. Éva Mikics: Long-term effects of early-life stress on behavior and brain function

April 5.           Dr. Gyöngyvér Salavecz: Mindfulness in psychotherapy

April 12.         Dr. László Lajtai: Cultural influence on mental health provisions

April 19.         Dr. Piroska Balog: Motivational interviewing

April 26.         Dr. Zsuzsa Győrffy: What is the 21st century doctor like?

May 3.            Dr. Tamás Szalai: Research issues related to eating disorders and body image

May 10.          Dr. Adrienne Stauder: Work stress and health

May 17.           Dr. László Nemes: Narrative medicine: personal identity and the ethics of physician-patient relationship