The study administration takes place at the 2nd Floor Secretariat.

Enikő Rácz-Bene

Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday 10:00-12:00
Tuesday, Thursday 13:00-15:00

Welcome to the Bókay Street Department, Pediatric Centre, Semmelweis University! The history of our Clinic >> dates back many years. We hope that during your internships we will contribute to your studies with this many years of experience and professional knowledge.

All exam takers are required to present a valid photo ID before the exam.

Only legibly, completely and accurately filled out, institutionally sealed, original acceptance letters are recognized by the Bókay Street Department, Pediatric Centre (12 June 2017).

Attention! The finished dissertation shall be submitted to the department in duplicate until January 15 of the year of graduation at the latest. In case of authorized defferal, no later than 1st February.


Please fill in two copies and bring with you the first day of practice:

Documents to download: