Dear Student!


Welcome to Semmelweis Simulation Centre!

To ensure efficient work and joyful atmosphere, we kindly ask for your cooperation concerning the followings:


Arrival to the Semmelweis Simulation Centre

Please, ring the bell, and wait for the security guard to open the gate for you electronically.

You can leave your bike in the courtyard using your own lock. Ask for the guard’s help. Please note, that we do not assume any financial responsibility for the placed bikes.

Please note, that the whole Centre is non smoking area, including the restrooms.

Thank you for arriving in time for your practice!

We kindly ask you to leave your coat and belongings in the student’s lounge. The lockers can be locked by using a 100 Ft or a 1€ coin, which will be returned when placing the key back.


Waiting area for students 

Due to lack of space, there is no waiting in the training area. If you arrive eariler or wish to stay longer before leaving to your next destination, you can comfortably take a seat in the student’s lounge.

There is free WiFi in the area, you can find the actual password pinned to the corkboard.

It’s not allowed to bring any food, beverage and irrelevant belongings to the training area, please leave them in the student’s lounge for the time of your practice.

Please, have your plastic attendance card with you, registration takes place in the training area.


Entering the training area

Arriving to the second floor, our coordinator will receive you, register you to your actual practice and orient you in the training area.

You can enter the training room assigned for you, all other rooms are restricted area, you can enter them exclusively guided by your instructor.

Any instruments, found in the room, that are not prepared for your practice, are used for other trainings. We kindly ask you not to touch them.


Contact us

You can ask questions, and share your ideas or experiences in the Semmelweis Simulation Centre by e-mail:, or feel free to contact our present coordinator: Eszter Inokai or Krisztina Komlós.

We hope you’ll enjoy your time in the Semmelweis Simulation Centre!


Fritúz Gábor MD
head of clinical education
Department of Anesthesilogy and Intensive Therapy
Semmelweis University