Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 1. August 2021
352918 Total vaccines

Name of Doctor: Dr. Sándor Hollós

Dear Students and Colleagues,

Due to the COVID situation, asking for an appointment via email is required at the Doctor’s Office until further notice:
Dr. Sándor Hollós: in email sent to, indicating the name, grade of the student, as well as the reason for seeking doctor’s advice.

Assistant Henriett Galvács: you can register for an appointment on the following link:,

in case no personal contact is required (e.g. you would like to ask a question only), please contact Ms. Galvács via the following email address:

When coming to a visit, please always be punctual!

We will respond via email and will continue to resolve your requests online or – if necessary – in person.

Thank you for your cooperation:
Dr. Sándor Hollós
Doctor’s Office

Location and contact:

Mezzanine 1., 17 Vas street building


Phone: (+36) 1 4865975

Information on the required medical examinations

Required medical examinations for application:

– negative chest X-ray,

– 3 vaccinations against Hepatitis-B (has to be proven with the International Certificate of Vaccination),

– HIV-test with negative result (in case of students arriving from non-European countries).

Required medical examinations for clinical internship:

To start the clinical practice, students need to have the negative results of medical fitness examinations, without these results students are not allowed to conduct the internship. Students have to take their valid certification of medical fitness and certificate of immunization (proving 3 shots against Hepatitis-B) with them every time during their internship. On the basis of the negative medical certifications, we issue the “Sanitary booklet” at the Doctor’s Office that is valid for 1 year and has to be renewed after 1 year. The valid hygiene certificate and the Hepatitis-B vaccinations have to be registered in Neptun Educational System according to the Study and Examination Regulations. Registration is done at the Doctor’s Office or at the Foreign Students’ Secretariat.

How to carry out medical examinations in Hungary

All the medical examinations have to be paid for. I call your attention that the Faculty is not entitled to make a referral to conduct the medical examinations that is why students coming from foreign countries can make an appointment for medical examination at these places.

During enrolment, students have to declare whether they have received the vaccinations against Hepatitis-B infection, or not. If so, it has to be proved by presenting the International Certificate of Vaccination. Instead of the International Certificate of Vaccination, the result of Anti-HBs test can also be accepted. Students who have not received the vaccinations yet, can have the shots at the Doctor’s Office of the Faculty. Please check medical examinations are required during your studies here.

The full completion of the above is the personal responsibility of the students before starting the clinical internship. That is why we highly recommend arranging the medical examinations and vaccinations during the summer holiday, before the start of the semester.