The date of the upcoming Open Day we will be available soon.

Our Online Open Day gives you the perfect opportunity to get first-hand information on studying at the second-largest faculty of Semmelweis University and living in Budapest, Hungary, one of the most beautiful and vibrant capitals in Europe.

A few things you can look forward to on our upcoming online Open Day:

  • Live presentations about courses, admission procedure, accommodation, student life, and much more
  • Live Q&A Zoom sessions where teaching staff and colleagues of the International Students’ Secretariat will answer all your questions you may have about our programs


B.Sc. programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application criteria?

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age by the end of the calendar year of their application.
  • Applicants are required to either have completed their high school/secondary school education or to currently attend the last year of their secondary education.
  • Applying for a Master program is possible only if you have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or Physiotherapy; no other degrees are acceptable.
  • Our programs are only available for applicants with no Hungarian citizenship.
  • In case you have double citizenship and have a high school diploma/certificate that you have obtained in a non-Hungarian institution or educational system, then you can send an official request for special permission to the International Students’ Secretariat by email:
  • The application needs to be done via our official application website SEMAPHOR (
Where can I apply for the program?

  • The application needs to be done via our official application website SEMAPHOR (
  • You need to register on the website before completing or submitting your application!
  • Please note that on the SEMAPHOR website clicking on the program’s name will take you to the University’s website
  • To register on the SEMAPHOR website, click on the blue registration button that will direct you to the registration site!
What is the application deadline?

Application deadline is 10 August 2023. After this date, we cannot accept new applications.

How much is the admission procedure fee? How can I pay it? Can it be reduced / refunded?

  • The admission procedure fee is 320 EUR for BSc programs and 450 EUR for MSc programs. There is an additional enrollment fee payable after successful entrance exams, which is 220 EUR.
  • You can pay this fee either by bank card (in the SEMAPHOR system) or by wire transfer. In this case you need to upload the payment certificate to the system.
  • The admission procedure fee cannot be reduced
  • The admission procedure fee is non-refundable, only if the application has never been submitted or it has been withdrawn before the application deadline
When will the entrance exams take place? What are the dates?

Entrance examinations are done until the end of the application period at least twice a month; the dates are available on SEMAPHOR after submitting your application!

What kind of documents do I need to upload?

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate from an accredited secondary school. This document is a necessary prerequisite for starting the studies (original/attested copy + copy). If the student at the time of applying has not completed his/her studies at secondary school yet, the leaving certificate can be submitted until the registration day.
  • In case you are applying for one of our Master programs you have to upload your Bachelor’s degree certificate.
  • One passport size photo
  • Curriculum Vitae in English
  • Copy of Passport/ID card with the applicant’s personal data and the expiry date of the passport/ID card
  • Medical report for application – signed by a GP (the form can be downloaded from the Faculty’s website)
  • Letters of Recommendation. Letters in English from a secondary school principal or science instructor are welcome, but not obligatory.
  • Payment Certificate about the payment of the 450 EUR admission procedure fee if the applicant chooses not to use the online payment system.
What does the entrance exam include?

Entrance examinations consist of an English part (reading comprehension, essay writing) and an Applied Biology test. You are also required to write a motivational letter. In case you are applying for the MSc program you also have to partake in an oral interview with the responsible department.

What is the tuition fee for my chosen program?



Midwifery B.Sc.

EUR 3600

Nursing B.Sc.

EUR 3300

Physiotherapy B.Sc.

EUR 3400

Dietetics B.Sc.

EUR 3400

Medical Diagnostic Analysis (Optometry) B.Sc.

EUR 3300

Public Health Supervisor B.Sc.

EUR 3400

Health Tourism Management B.Sc.

EUR 3400

Physiotherapy M.Sc.

EUR 3300

Nursing M.Sc.

EUR 3200

Enrollment fee in all cases

EUR 220

Admission procedure fee for BSc programs

EUR 320

Admission procedure fee for MSc programs

EUR 450

Is my chosen program available this year?

All of our programs are available when it comes to application, but please note that we can only start them if we have the minimum number of enlisted applicants.

Does Semmelweis University offer scholarships?

Semmelweis University is partnered with the Tempus Public Foundation who are responsible for the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship. For more information on the Stipendium Hungaricum program, please visit the official site of Stipendium Hungaricum and/or turn to Semmelweis University’s International Mobility Office.