Teacher of Health Sciences and Health Care M.Sc. (only in Hungarian)

Master’s level health care teachers are capable of educating people about healthy lifestyle using their knowledge gained in the fields of health sciences and pedagogy. For the sake of improving the quality of life of people, professionals plan, develop and adopt prevention programs in the specialist training, suggest problem solving and up-to-date life models in accordance with altered health statuses. They give advice on career orientation, career choices and career planning. While applying health education methods, teachers are able to recognize those negative effects that arise from harmful environment or poor social situation and lifestyle. In specialised health related interpersonal relationships, their activity is characterised by high communication standards and didactic preparedness. Master’s level health care teachers possess the ability to educate, and to demonstrate good example while teaching, moreover, they are able to recognize the relationship and development opportunities between the training institutions, the economy, the labour market and the social environment.

Length of studies: 4 semesters, 120 credits

Degree: M.Sc.

Major curricular components: Psychology and Personality Development, Basics of Communication, Basics of Pedagogy, Education Management and Didactics, Health Education and Health Promotion, Health Law and Management, Education Technology Multimedia, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Skills and Interventions, Nursing Care, Health Sociology, Health Science and Educational Research Methodology, Pedagogical and Educational Practice, Methodology School Practice