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Head of the Department Zoltán Tibor Lantos Ph.D. Associate Professor


Background: The mission of the Department of Virtual Health Guide Methodology is to represent, within the higher education sector, the increasingly prevalent solutions for healthy lifestyles and healthcare decision support on electronic devices. The department aims to be world-class, functioning as an educational, research, knowledge, and service center.

The department’s areas of expertise encompass foundational knowledge in process-based and value-based health and care. It emphasises evidence-based health practices in real-life situations, with a particular focus on health promotion as a function of health behaviour. Other key areas include patient support processes, health planning, health communication, co-creating health, user experience and health experience, human-machine collaboration, and service planning that responds to these elements. The department also focuses on job competency development and device design.

In education, the department primarily tailors its programs to the training offered by the Faculty. It also shares its training materials with medical and health sciences students from other domestic institutions.

The research conducted by the department centers around virtual health guide solutions and human-machine collaboration emerging with technological advancements. Sub-themes include organisation, analysis and evaluation, behavioural and social aspects, planning, and design. The department actively contributed to an international white paper titled
Navigating the Health Data Wilderness in the Dawn of the Data Age. Data Value Chain Wither Paper (pdf).
„As we journey through the Data Age for Health & Care, it becomes evident that data is not just abundant, but a renewable resource, serving as the cornerstone of value creation. This paper shines a light on the intricate data value chain, viewing individuals as data centres. It also delves into the innovative mechanisms of the data loop, posited as a potential European platform model, while addressing the challenges faced in data analysis. (…)
As you delve deeper, this paper will not only offer insights but will also provoke reflection on our collective journey towards a data-driven health ecosystem. Dive in and discover the transformative potential of data in shaping a healthier, informed, and innovative future.”

Through its knowledge-sharing initiatives, the department plays an active role in disseminating knowledge about people-centered health and care to other disciplines and the general public.

Through various collaborations, the University is developing health navigation applications that can be utilised by citizens.

Teaching staff

Dr. LANTOS Zoltán Tibor 

        University associate professor, Head of Department

Dr. BRETZ Károly János

         Senior lecturer

KOSCSÓ Imre Attila

       Assistant lecturer

PAPP József Péter

       Assistant lecturer

PAPP Zoltán

        Assistant lecturer