Paramedics B.Sc. (Only In Hungarian)

Graduates are able to approach professionally and safely patients or victims in prehospital emergency care (oxyology), able to perform triage, on an individual basis and also during a catastrophic event. On the scene, paramedics familiarise themselves with the nature of the emergency, examine the patient, and make a primary diagnosis. They stabilise and care for the patient, decide on the possibilities of leaving the patient on the scene. Paramedics observe, monitor the patient during transport, communicate appropriately with the patient and his/her relatives, complete the necessary interventions, and provide psychological support for the suffering Paramedics holding a BSc degree also complete standby on-call duties, orga nise teamwork in the system of emergency care within health institutions, teach First Aid, and participate in the further training of emergency nurses and ambulance car drivers. Paramedics work in close alliance with the control staff, ambulance assistants, physicians, and health care professionals of hospital emergency care.

Length of studies: 8 semesters, 240 credits

Degree: B.Sc.

Major curricular components:
Introduction to Oxyology, Basic Oxyological Knowledge, The System of Emergency Care, Interdisciplinary Intensive Care, Specialties in Oxyology, Oxyology of Priority Pathologic Processes, Oxyology – Rescue Technique, Mass Accident, Disaster Treatment, including CBRN accidents, Simulated Clinical Case Studies, First Aid, Public Health and Epidemiology, Social Norms of Health Care