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Head of the Department Professor József Rácz, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.

Background The Department of Addictology coordinates the educational and research activities of the Faculty of Health Sciences related to addictive disorders. Some of the Department’s scientific fields are symptomatology, therapy, and the prevention of addictive problems. Addiction medicine is present in every specialisation of the Faculty. Secondary topics, like intravenous drug use and models of preventive medicine, are especially practical elective courses.

Our students are involved in many of our research programmes, in collaboration with other institutions in Hungary and abroad. The new fields of addiction medicine, such as gambling and internet addiction are also included in our teaching and research activities. We have close contacts with therapeutic and rehabilitation institutions in Hungary, preventive and outpatient centers (Blue Point Center, Nyírő Hospital – National Institute of Psychiatry and Addictology).

Education Our Department coordinates the Addiction Counsellor specialisation, which was the first opportunity to study addiction counselling in Hungary. Our invited lecturers are comprised of the most important specialists of this field.

Our counsellors are also taught economics and management, which are necessary for their everyday work as coordinators of therapeutic and financial processes. They are also able to organise preventive courses in the fields of alcohol and illegal drug abuse.

Research Our research interests include the application and adaptation of counselling methods in the health and social care of clients with substance use disorders, the analytic epidemiological study of deviant behaviour, the biological and ethical sides of human behaviour, the social background of medical organisations. We conduct researches on the newest therapeutical approaches for patients with substance use disorders and use qualitative and quantitative approaches in the study of hidden psychoactive substance users (primarily users of new psychoactive substances).

Teaching staff

Dr. RÁCZ József

Professor, Head of department


Senior lecturer

Dr. MARJAI Kamilla Diána

        Senior lecturer