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Head of the Department Professor László Tamás MD, PhD

The task of the Department of Voice, Speech and Swallowing Therapy is primarily to train its students, to teach professional subjects related to the program, to elaborate and develop subject programs, and to perform organizational work related to theoretical and practical education.

In order to ensure the professional development of our students, our task is to maintain continuous contact, cooperation and coordination with all organizational units and professional practice venues involved in the training of voice, speech and swallowing therapist students.

We regularly hold further training and preparation consultations, workshops and professional trainings for the therapists and master instructors conducting internships.


At the department, we carry out research aimed at the development of the profession of voice, speech and swallowing therapist, and publish the results of the research in domestic and foreign journals.

We provide an opportunity for students to get involved in research work, we help their Students’ Scientific Association (TDK) and the preparation of their dissertation as a supervisor.

We participate as a lecturer in professional national and international conferences and domestic trainings in the fields of ear, nose, laryngology, phoniatrics, neurology, rehabilitation, child rehabilitation, special education.

The instructors are members of the management and are professional supporters of various national professional and social organizations.

Teaching staff

Prof. TAMÁS László

        University professor, Head of department

Prof. Dr. HACKI Tamás

      Honorary university professor

MURÁNYI Sarolta Hilda

      Assistant lecturer

NÉMETH Mariann

      Assistant lecturer

Dr. SZABÓ Edina

      College associate lecturer

Dr. VASVÁRI Gergely Pál
      Assistant lecturer