Students who have successfully pursued their studies at other accredited universities (in Hungary or abroad) can apply for admission without being obliged to take an entrance examination. Subjects of previous studies with identical or at least 75% similar content to the subjects included in the curriculum of Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences can be accredited, meaning that admission to an upper year might be possible. Transfer students are required to prove their current student status and previous study results. The previous study results will be examined by Semmelweis Credit Transfer Committee. On the basis of this examination it will be decided how many of the previously completed subjects get accredited, and in which year the applicant can start his/her studies.

A credit transfer application should be submitted before the start of the subject registration period to know exactly what have been accredited and exactly what needs to be completed to gain one’s target qualification.

Who can apply for student transfer?

There are three conditions that must be met in order to become eligible.

1. Students need to have active/passive student status at the moment of the transfer.

2. Students can be only accepted if they are transferring from a health care related programme (Medicine, Pharmacology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Midwifery Programme, etc.)

3. Students must have at least two closed active semesters spent in higher education (only health care related programmes are considered).

Those who fail to fulfil these 3 conditions cannot apply for a transfer but have to go through the regular entrance procedure. If the Study and Examination Committee accepts the applicant as a transfer student, he/she will be acquitted of the entrance procedure.

Documents to submit when applying for student transfer

1. The properly completed Transfer Request Form (with the subject code including the sign of the semester);

2. Official Transcript/Academic record: including all the grades and credits from the previous college/university studies (original/attested copy);

3. Student status certification: from the current university (issued not more than 30 days prior to the request’s submission, indicating the currently active/passive student status).

Please note that we need:
– the original English document OR
– the attested copy of the original English document OR
– the authorized English translation of the original non-English document.

Further information about the credit transfer request will be provided at the Foreign Student Secretariat after a successful enrollment.

Documents to submit when applying for credit transfer

EXTERNAL transfer students:

  • An official and recent Transcript issued by the university
  • An official (stamped and signed) Course Description issued by the university in .pdf format.

All supporting documents / all course descriptions belonging to the same request should be included in one file.
Please only attach the appropriate Course Description to each subject.

INTERNAL students of Semmelweis University (in the case of changing programme or getting re-admitted):

  • Copy of the Transcript to be uploaded to prove completion of the subject (issued by the Foreign Students’ Secretariat).

Credit Transfer Procedure
Click HERE to complete and submit the online credit transfer request (submission is continuous)
Guide for completing a request for credit recognition
Guideline to access the curriculum
Course registry

What is the deadline for submitting the documents for the Student or Credit Transfer?

You can submit the student/credit transfer requests continuously.

In case of refusal, what can students do?

Students may appeal decisions by submitting a written Appeal Request Form for each subject / semester within 15 days from the day of receipt of the decision. Appeals are based on extenuating circumstances and should include new and compelling information that was not initially presented in the application. All appeals should include the following:

  • Subject’s name and code
  • Reason for appeal
  • Documentation supporting the appeal

Please submit the form to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat.