Medical Diagnostic Analysis – Radiography B.Sc. (Only In Hungarian)

Medical diagnostic analysts individually operate modern diagnostic imaging appliances (e.g. X-ray, ultrasound, computer tomography /CT/) while observing the related regulations and procedures. They process, evaluate and archive diagnostic imaging information, establish a daily contact with patients and prepare them for diagnostic imaging therapies. The specialists observe patients during examinations, perceive pathological situations, participate in therapeutic examinations, recognise health damaging effects as
results of radiological interventions, and other technological errors, and they prevent them.

Length of studies: 8 semesters, 240 credits

Degree: B.Sc.

Major curricular components: Basics of Clinical Medicine and Immunology, Ultrasound, Computer Tomography, Intervention in Radiology, Radiotherapy, Oncology, Radiation Health Care, Radiation Protection, Pharmacology and related practical courses