Semmelweis University Doctoral School of Health Sciences (established in 2020)

Head: Prof. Dr. Zoltán Zsolt NAGY

Ophthalmology, 1085 Budapest, 39 Mária utca


Phone: + 36 1 459 1500/54534 or 459 1500/54611

Secretary: Gábor CSÁSZÁR

Faculty of Health Sciences1088 Budapest, 17 Vas utca


Phone: +36 1 486 5901 or +36 20 670 1959

The main objective of the Doctoral School of Health Sciences is to combine theoretical and preclinical knowledge, clinical and comparative health science research, and public and public health sciences, and to improve the social sciences related to health sciences. It also aims to complement the doctoral programs at the University to ensure that health sciences are also incorporated, thus giving extra emphasis to preventive – domestic and international – health preservation programmes that satisfy public health needs and affect society as a whole.

PhD studies can be conducted in the professional fields:

  1. Clinical and comparative health sciences
  2. Theoretical and preclinical health sciences
  3. Society and health
  4. Public health sciences