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Head of the Department Associate Professor Dr. Illés Kovács

Background Optometry education in Hungary started in 1992 at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University. The Department of Clinical Ophthalmology is responsible for the training of optometrists. This includes developing the curriculum for optometry training, organising clinical and optical training for students, and maintaining contact with educators and institutions involved in practical training. 

Education Our department’s optometry education is a full-time program for international students.. The undergraduate program lasts eight semesters and comprises 240 ECTS credits. The program includes a total of 1062 contact hours and a total of 6138 individual hours, of which 40 percent are devoted to theoretical training and 60 percent to practical training. 

The BSc Optometry course provides the clinical skills and knowledge of ophthalmic equipment required for a successful career as an optometrist. On successful completion of the final examination and defense of the dissertation, students are awarded a BSc Optometry degree, which is automatically recognised throughout the European Union. Postgraduate training programs are also available after completion of undergraduate training.

The high quality of theoretical training is ensured by the continuous development of curricula alongside existing topics. In terms of practical training, the department places great emphasis on organising both internal and external placements for optometry students, as it is a practical profession. The equipment in the demonstration classrooms is continually upgraded to ensure a good quality practical background for internal placements. The teaching staff of the department consists mainly of external lecturers (ophthalmologists, optometrists) who have excellent results in the fields of ophthalmology and optometry, are active participants of national and international conferences, organisers of training courses, and are members of prestigious professional societies. The department is associated with the Hungarian Ophthalmological Society, the Hungarian Contact Lens Society, the Hungarian Optical Industry Association, and others.

Research The Department conducts scientific work in two ways: 1. In partnership with the Faculty of Medicine’s Department of Ophthalmology in the following fields:

  • Femtolaser in the surgery of cataracts;
  • Up-to date optical biometry design of multifocal and toric intraocular lenses;
  • Orthokeratology against the progression of myopy;
  • New possibilities in the therapy of keratoconus;
  • Diagnostic possibilities and treatments of cornea distrophies;
  • New possibilities in the diagnostic methods of early forms of keratoconus.

The Department’s individual scientific work is carried out in the following fields:

  • Correction of presbyopia with contact lens
  • Contact lens induced dry eye
  • Contact lens wearing in childhood
  • Computer Vision Syndrome and it’ connection with ametropies
  • Screening of visual acuity of school-aged children

Teaching staff

Dr. KOVÁCS Illés

University associate professor, Head of department


       Master instructor

RÉZ Kata

Master teacher

Dr. TAPASZTÓ Beáta Krisztina

Master teacher