No. of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 6 February 2023
545424 Total vaccines

The Program Coordination and Development Office for Health Sciences (Faculty of Health Sciences) unites the system of the research at the Faculty, as a result of which they receive a direct technical background integrated to each other. Besides, developments provide an innovation platform and infrastructural support for researchers. The goal of our activity is to turn ideas and plans into reality. Key tasks are to promote scientific publications, and to support the function of the School of PhD Studies at the Faculty. In addition, a priority is the generation of potential research and tender programs within both the university system and with the involvement of the international network of scientific institutions. We help students to properly plan their researcher/lecturer careers, and to achieve their professional goals, either through professional applications or through direct practical and scientific methodological programs. We also develop students’ labor market competencies through trainings and outsourced practical demonstrations.

Main activities and tasks:

1) Monitoring, writing, and editing applications;

2) Supporting the research programs of the Faculty, generating and promoting new programs;

3) Maintenance of an annual research portfolio;

4) Assistance in launching new research / studies (project planning, ethical / clinical licensing, etc.);

5) Development of tools and methods for research purposes;

6) Organizing and assisting scientific events;

7) Promoting new bionic research;

8) Promotion of patent / protection / invention processes;

9) Development of proposals for the expansion of the research staff;

10) Active participation in the development of a researcher / lecturer career model;

11) Development of research assistance / administration;

12) Development of Research Alumni Base;

13) Development and generation of joint international research;

14) Development of independent professional workshops not integrated into the training;

15) Supporting Students’ Scientific Association program at the Faculty:

  1. Organization of professional ‘study rooms’ and talent support workshops;
  2. Promoting research careers among young people.

16) Promoting dual training;

17) Launch of professional development workshops with possible topics: research methodology, writing publications for scientific purposes, research presentation;

18) Methodological / technical editing of digital aids;

19) Labor market surveys;

20) Graduate career tracking;

21) Surveys among students;

22) Promotion of science via:

  1. Organization and support of prevention programs;
  2. Promotion of scientific courses;
  3. Development of professional volunteering in health care;
  4. Establishment of inter-institutional professional cooperation;
  5. Facilitate the development of practical training.

Contact details of the Office:

Address: Hungary, 1088 Budapest, Vas street 17., Room 514-515.

Central phone number: + 1 486 58 16


Office manager:

Attila Matiscsák, Consultant


Phone: + 36 1 486 58 23


Erzsébet Bakosné Kiss


Phone: +36 1 48-65816

Program coordinators:

Erika Kaptás

Phone: + 36 1 48-65822

Regina Repcsák

Phone: +36 1 48-65822

Research coordinator:

Anna Júlia Éliás

Phone: +36 1 48-65820