Voice, Speech and Swallowing Therapy B.Sc. (only in Hungarian)

Voice, speech and swallowing therapists perform diagnostic and therapeutic tasks in otolaryngology, phoniatrics, neurology, paediatrics, geriatrics and rehabilitation units as well as in outpatient services and can treat certain functional disorders in private practice. Their responsibilities include the functional examination and therapy of phoniatrics, articulation, speech – language abilities, nutrition intake (chewing, swallowing). The training is the Hungarian equivalent of speech, language and swallowing therapy well-known in Western Europe and in the United States as well as of clinical speech therapy. Graduates of Voice, speech and swallowing therapy specialisation are able to treat the disorders of two fundamental functions of human life: the disorders of communication and of food intake. They are able to contribute to the rehabilitation of persons suffering from these functional disorders, thus enabling them to manage their social responsibilities and to integrate into society. Good communication skills coupled with empathy, helpfulness and social sensitivity are essential in this profession. Graduates are able to participate in preventive, curative, nursing and rehabilitating professional work on any level of the health care and/or social care system.

Length of studies: 8 semesters, 240 credits

Degree: B.Sc.

Major curricular components:
Audiology and Acoustics, Phoniatrics, Oto-rhinolaryngology, Pediatrics, Neuropediatrics, Clinical and Neurological Psychology, Food intake disturbances, Audiology practice, Orthodontics, Disability studies and Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Linguistics, Speech and language development disorders and treatment, Phonation, articulation and swallowing disorders, Voice training, Speaking technique, Voice, speech and swallowing rehabilitation in practice.