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Head of the Department Associate Professor Attila Doros, M.D., Ph.D.

Background The Department of Imaging and Medical Instrumentation conducts teaching, scientific, and other supplemental activities. The Department is responsible for the education of medical diagnostic analysists of the field of diagnostic imaging and intervention, corresponding to the task of training highly qualified radiographers who are experienced in every subfield of radiology.

Education In this four-year part-time B.Sc. training, the first three basic semesters are followed by specialist courses (e.g. Conventional Radiology, US, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Interventional Radiology and Radiation Therapy). Students who attain this degree are able to use imaging tools to plan and perform examinations on their own, and to process and apply the obtained information. Teaching is performed by leading radiologists and radiographers, mainly from Semmelweis University and the largest teaching hospitals. Practical training takes place in these hospitals as well.

The Medical Engineering Group teaches Basics of Biophysics and Medical Technology and Info-Communication to students in the dietician, nursing, health visitor, physiotherapist, paramedic/ambulance officer and public health supervisor programmes.

The Department continuously produces innovative books, case reports, and other teaching materials necessary for education. For this purpose, the Department works in collaboration with three other similar departments in Hungary, in order to harmonise the teaching materials and requirements.

An emphasised task of the Department is the graduate teaching of radiographers, which also includes the organisation of courses.

Research The professors of the Department hold leading positions in associations of radiology, radiography and medical technology inside and outside Hungary, and they are in the editorial boards of scientific papers. The focus of the researchers is on clinical decision support, medical informatics, self-monitoring, on developing an immersive learning environment, or a virtual learning environment. Higher interest is put on emergency care systems, on the reduction of supply times and on successful cooperation with emergency departments. Moreover, the Department has joined the European Association of Radiographers.

Teaching staff

Dr. DOROS Attila

University associate professor, Head of department

Dr. DIÓ Mihály

Senior lecturer

KOVÁCS Norbert

Master teacher


Senior lecturer