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Head of the department Professor Lajos Attila Réthy MD, PhD

Background The academic-level training of health visitors (similar to district or family nurses) in Hungary started in 1975.

Education The aim of this eight-semester-long programme is to train health visitors who can provide assistance to children and pregnant women in social care, and in the prevention of illnesses. Practical training takes place under clinical and real-life circumstances (e.g. in hospitals and district consulting rooms).

The basic subjects (e.g. Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Biology) are followed by specialised studies in paediatrics, nursing, obstetrics, sanitation and nursing methodology. Pedagogy, psychology, health education, social sciences and information sciences are also integrated into the curriculum. After submitting a thesis, students are tested in theoretical, practical and professional skills before attaining their diploma.

Upon successful completion of the programme, health visitors are entitled to work in municipal primary health care facilities, and in the area of primary preventive medical services. They can perform their duties either independently or in cooperation with doctors and other medical experts.

Research The Department’s research topics include:

  • Influence of smoking during pregnancy on preterm birth and low birth weight;
  • Connection between childhood obesity, IDDM and physical activity;
  • The connection between the mode of delivery and incontinence, body image, postpartum depression and the postpartum female sexual functions; 
  • The characteristics of childhood onset depression according to depressive symptoms, co-morbidities and quality of life.

Address H-1088 Budapest, Vas u. 17.
Mailing address: H-1085 Budapest, Üllői út 26.
Phone: (+36-1) 486-4840

Teaching staff

Dr. RÉTHY Lajos Attila

College associate professor, Head of department


College associate professor


College associate professor


Senior lecturer

Dr. NAGYNÉ Dr. BAJI Ildikó

College associate professor

Dr. SZABÓ László

College associate professor


College assistant lecturer