Péter NYIRÁDY1, Katalin BORKA2,
András THOMAN3

1Semmelweis University, Department of Urology and Urooncological Centre, Budapest, Hungary
2Semmelweis University, 2nd Department of Pathology, Budapest, Hungary
3Uzsoki Street Teaching Hospital, Department of Urology, Budapest, Hungary

We report about a rare complication caused by an extraordinary
congenital disease after reconstructive bladder and penile surgery
owing to extrophy of the bladder and epispadias.

In the past medical history of a 34-year-old man there was a reconstructive
bladder surgery in his childhood and a reconstructive penile
surgery in his adulthood. Due to recurrent lower abdominal pain,
purulent bloody urethral discharge and recurrent urinary tract infection
he was examined. Computed tomography demonstrated on the
left side of the basis of the bladder-wall laterally a 25×15 mm circumscribed
fluidum and left renal agenesis.

On surgical exploration of the abdomen the seminal vesicle full of
pus on the left side of the bladder was identified and removed. The
patient fully recovered, and symptoms disappeared.