1983–1984 The primary study certificate from the Rosary private school in the United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi

1989–1990 The preparatory and secondary school in the National Private Orthodox College in Syria- Latakia and graduated from the secondary school

2002–2003 Graduated from the Human Medical Faculty of Tishreen University Syria-Latakia in February

2005–2006 Joined the Ph.D. English program

2007–2008 Semmelweis University Hungary, Budapest in the year 2005–2006 and completed the program at the 31ist of August 2007–2008

Fares Osman, György L Nádasy, Emil Monos, Péter
Nyirády, Imre Romics: (2009) A novel videomicroscopic
technique for studying rat ureteral peristalsis.
World J Urol 27: 265-270.IF: 2.699
Fares Osman, Imre Romics, Péter Nyirády, Emil
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Acta Physiologica Hungarica, Volume 96 (4):
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Abstracts of Congresses Participated in
Osman F, Nádasy GL, Monos E, Nyirády P, Romics I:
(Szeged, Hungary, 2006. Június 7–9).
A new videomicroscopic method to study in vivo ureter movements of anesthetized rats. A
Magyar Élettani Társaság (MÉT) LXX. Program.
Elõadások és poszterek összefoglalói P55
Osman F, Nádasy GL, Monos E, Nyirády P, Romics I:
(Siófok, Hungary, 2–4 November 2006).
A new videomicroscopic method to study the
ureteral movements in vivo in anesthetized rats.
Poster delivered at the conference of the Hungarian Urological Society.