He is a professor of the Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary) and a full member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
His major field is immunogenomics, allergy- and oncogenomics.

Recently his major attention focuses to non-coding DNA (e.g. microRNA) and microvesicles, a newly recognized form of intercellular communication. He wrote and edited 9 books (including at Springer, John Wiley & Sons, Karger) and published over 300 research papers with a total citation over 3,500. He is the past president of Hungarian Society for Immunology.

Dr. Falus was a fellow at Odense University (1980–81), Harvard Medical School (1984–86), visiting professor at Osaka University (1989). He organized the first International Immunogenomics (2004) and Immunoinformatics (2006) Conference, and is a founding member of International Immunomics Society. He is Editor or board member of four international scientific journals. Andras Falus supervised about 30 graduated students, so far. Falus was awarded the Szechenyi price (2006), Neumann award (2006) and
Semmelweis price (2008).