03. November 2011

Special meeting Eurotransplant-Hungarian Transplant Association.

4. November 2011, Friday




Opening ceremony (Tivadar Tulassay – Róbert Langer – Attila Szabó)


Chair: Róbert Langer – Semmelweis University, Budapest

David Sutherland – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis: “Past, present and future of beta cell replacement therapy to treat diabetes mellitus.” (40 minutes)

Bruno Meiser – Grosshadern University Hospital, Munich: Organ donation and
allocation in the Eurotransplant area and beyond (30 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)


Coffee break


Chair: Tivadar Tulassay – Semmelweis University, Budapest

Francis Delmonico – Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General
Hospital, Boston: The Contribution of Boston to a Century of Organ
(40 minutes)

Barry D. Kahan – The University of Texas, Houston: Fifty Years in the
Vineyard of Immunosuppression for Transplantation: A View on Fifty Years
Forward (40 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)


Immunological paradigms before and after transplantation


Chair: Ferenc Perner – Semmelweis University, Budapest
Ronald Kerman – The University of Texas, Houston: Immunological paradigms
before and after transplantation (30 minutes)

Ilias I.N. Doxiadis – Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden: Allocation in
the second decade of the new century: learning from the past (30 minutes)

Rutger J Ploeg- University of Oxford, Oxford: The effect of brain death on long term graft survival (30 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)


Coffee break


Chair: Attila Szabó – Semmelweis University, Budapest
Phill Halloran – University of Alberta, Edmondton: Allograft rejection: New
insights from the molecular microscope project (40 minutes)

Béla Iványi – University of Szeged, Faculty of Medicine, Szeged: Capillary
lesions of renal allograft rejection (20 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)


Chair: György Lang – Semmelweis University, Budapest
Walter Klepetko – Medical University of Vienna: Clinical Lung
Transplantation. (20 minutes)

György Lang – Medical University of Vienna: Experimental Lung
Transplantation – Reconditioning of marginal donor lungs (20 minutes)

György Losonczy – Semmelweis University, Budapest: Immunotolerance and
opportunistic lung infections in solid organ transplant recipients (20 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)


Organ concert (Norbert Lázár) University Church,
Papnövelde 5-7


Banquet dinner – Festetics Palace, Pollack Mihály tér 3.

5. November 2011, Saturday


Chair: Uwe Heemann – Department of Nephrology of the Technical
University, Munich
Ondrej Viklicky- Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague:
Molecular phenotypes of rejection (25 minutes)

Lutz Weber-Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich: Therapeutic drugmonitoring
in pediatric renal transplantation (25 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)


Coffee break


Chair: Barry D. Kahan – The University of Texas, Houston

Ferenc Perner – Semmelweis University, Budapest: History of the Hungarian
organ transplantation (40 minutes)

Uwe Heemann – Department of Nephrology of the Technical University, Munich:
Strategies to allocate the right kidney to the right recipient (40 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)


Chair: László Kóbori – Semmelweis University, Budapest
Ferdinand Mühlbacher – University of Vienna, Vienna: Liver transplantation
today (30 minutes)

László Kóbori- Semmelweis University, Budapest: Immunocyp, individualized
drug tharapy after liver transplantation (15 minutes)

Mátyás Kiss – Semmelweis University, Budapest: New findings in the
human surgical anatomy of the liver (15 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)




Chair: Ferenc Horkay – Semmelweis University, Budapest
Gábor Szabó – University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg: Surgical therapy of heart
failure – heart transplantation in focus (20 minutes)

Stefan Janssens – Catholic University Leuven: Current aspect of diagnosis and
therapy on terminal heart failure (20 minutes)

Béla Merkely – Semmelweis University, Budapest: Heart failure patient
management – the role of resynchronization therapy (20 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)


Chair: György Reusz – Semmelweis University, Budapest
Richard Fine – State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook:
Growth following Solid Organ Transplantation (30 minutes)

Felix Aigner – Universitätsklinik Innsbruck, Innsbruck: Composite, small
bowel and multivisceral transplantation (30 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)


Coffee break


Chair: Ondrej Viklicky – Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine,
György Reusz – Semmelweis University, Budapest: Cardiovascular
complications following organ transplantation. (30 minutes)

Marina Varga- Semmelweis University, Budapest: CMV and other infections
following solid organ transplantation (20 minutes)

Discussion (10 minutes)



Closing ceremony