Education and Career

1978–1984 General Medical Faculty of the University of Pécs

1988 Specialist Degree in Urology

2005 Doctoral dissertation, Ph.D

1984–2005 In employment with Urological Clinic of Pécs

1989–1993 Assistant of the Urological Clinic of Pécs

1993–2005 Principal Assistant of Urological Clinic of Pécs

2006– Head of Department of Urology of Hospital Péterfy


1985 Societies Hungarian Urologist Society

1988 Hungarian Nephrologist Society

1989 Society Korányi

1994 Board Member of Hungarian Urologist Society

1995 European Association of Urology

1997 Secretary General of Hungarian Urologist Society

1998 Board Member of MET

2001 Leader of the Scientific Training Program of the
Hungarian Urological Professional College

2003 National Representative of European Board of Urology

2004 Leader of the Accreditional, Training and
Extension training stanting commitee of the
Hungarian Urological Professional College

2005 EBU Examination Committee

Scientific Research

1992 Establishment of the Renal Tumour Work Group
Creation of everyday working and scientific cooperation
with several foreign reserarcher groups
(Like Heidelberg, Salzburg, Syracuse)
Leading of four university scientific work
Coordination of five thesis

Scientific Interest Urooncology

Radical urological operations, Urogynecology