1984–1989 St.Thomas’s Hospital Medical School

Consultant Appointment
Consultant Urologist at the North Hampshire
Hospital, commenced June 1st 2001
Lead Consultant since January 2003
Sub-specialist Interests: Bladder cancer, stone disease

Urological Training
2000–2001 The Institute of Urology, Middlesex Hospital Mr.
M. Emberton
2000 The Institute of Urology, Middlesex Hospital,
Professor. C.R.J. Woodhouse
1999–2000 The Institute of Urology, Middlesex Hospital
Professor A. R. Mundy
1999 The Stone Unit, Middlesex Hospital Mr. H. N. Whitfield
1998 Guy’s Hospital, Professor A. R. Mundy
1997–1998 Kent and Sussex Hospital,Mr. T Ford, Mr. J. Lewis
1996–1997 Guy’s Hospital, Mr. R Popert Harrison
1995–1996 Royal Sussex County Hospital, Mr. N.W. Mr. M.S.
1994–1995 Research Registar in Urology, Brighton General
1992–1994 SHO General Surgery/Urology rotation, West Suffolk
Hospital, Bury St.Edmunds, Mr. M. P. McBrien
Mr. A. P. Barabas
Mr. D. L. Lawrence
Mr. C. L. Kennedy
1990–1992 SHO Orthopaedics and Trauma rotation, Hammersmith
Hospital, London Professor S. P. F. Hughes
1990–1991 SHO Cardiothoracic Surgery St.Thomas’s
Hospital, London, Mr G E Venn
1990–1990 House surgeon General Surgery / Urology St.
Thomas’s Hospital, London Mr R W Lloyd,
DaviesMr R Tiptaft, Mr B T Jackson, Mr R J Nicholls
1989–1990 House physician General / Renal medicine Royal
Cornwall Hospital, Truro Dr. J N Barnes

Publications: 19
Published Abstracts: 16
Podium presentations (1st author): 5
Poster and video presentations (1st author): 10