16.00–20.00 Registration


8.00–9.30 Registration

8.30–9.30 Poster installation

10.00–10.15 Opening of Semmelweis Symposium 2009



J. Fitzpatrick (Dublin, Ireland),

A. Falus (Budapest, Hungary)

10.15–10.30 Current trend in prostate cancer J. Fitzpatrick (Dublin, Ireland)

10.30–10.45 Genomics influences diagnostics and therapy in urology A. Falus (Budapest, Hungary)

10.45–11.00 Genetics of bone metastases in kidney cancer J. Tímár (Budapest, Hungary)

11.00–11. 15 Vitamin D and calcium metabolism in prostate cancer P. Lakatos (Budapest, Hungary)

11.15–11.45 Coffee break

M. Marberger (Vienna, Austria),
I. Romics (Budapest, Hungary)

11.45–12.00 Prevalent alterations of the ETS related gene (ERG) in prostate cancer: a promising biomarker and therapeutic target A. Dobi (Rockville, USA)

12.00–12.15 Streamlining the diagnosis of bladder carcinoma in situ M. Marberger (Vienna, Austria)

12.15–12.30 Update in penile cancer P. Nyirády (Budapest, Hungary)

12.30–13.30 Lunch


G. Haas (Syracuse, USA),
P. Nyirády (Budapest, Hungary)

13.30–13.45 Robotic assisted surgery in urology G. Haas (Syracuse, USA)

13.45–14.00 Lasers in urology A. Gross (Hamburg, Germany)

14.00–14.15 Advantages and disadvantages of laparoscopic urology T. Flaskó (Debrecen, Hungary)

14.15–14.30 NOTES in urology P. Lukovich (Budapest, Hungary)

14.30–14.45 Lymph node dissection for prostate cancer is it necessary? G. Janetschek (Salzburg, Austria)

14.45–15.00 New perspectives in stone surgery H. Mostafid (Surrey, UK)

15.00–15.15 The value of HI-RTE (Hitachi Real-time Tissue Elastography) in the diagnosis of prostate cancer G. Salomon (Hamburg, Germany)

15.15–15.30 Coffee break


J. Tímár (Budapest, Hungary)

15.30–15.45 Molecular markers in uropathology–2009 A. Kiss (Budapest, Hungary)

15.45–16.00 Plevic lymphadenectomy Á. Pytel (Pécs, Hungary)

16.00–16.15 New molecular methods: FISH in the detection of bladder cancer G. Lotz (Budapest, Hungary)

16.15–16.30 The treatment of bladder cancer: is it time to change? Z. Bajory (Szeged, Hungary)

16.30–16.45 Hypoxia regulated genes in hypernephroma and consecutive distant metastases–what is hyperactive? M. Szász (Budapest, Hungary)

16.45–17.00 Prognostic factors and survival of renal clear cell carcinoma patients with bone metastases A. Szendrõi (Budapest, Hungary)


T. Dénes (Sao Paolo, Brasil),
M. Merksz (Budapest, Hungary)

9.00–9.15 Challenges and results of laparoscopic urologic surgery in children T. Dénes (Sao Paolo, Brasil)

9.15–9.30 The management of vesicoureteral reflux M. Merksz (Budapest, Hungary)

9.30–9.45 Voiding dysfunctions of the hildhood O. Mártha (Marosvásárhely, Romania)

9.45–10.00 Stone management in children B. Tállai (Debrecen, Hungary)

10.00–10.15 Penile and urethral reconstruction in paediatric urology A. Kiss (Budapest, Hungary)

10.15–11.00 Coffee break

W. Weidner (Giessen, Germany),
W. Aulitzky (Vienna, Austria)

11.00–11.15 TESE and M-TESE W. Weidner (Giessen, Germany)

11.15–11.30 New trends in the evaluation of sexual disfunction Zs. Kopa (Budapest, Hungary)

11.30–11.45 Ageing male and its treatment W. Aulitzky (Vienna, Austria)

R. Ackermann (Düsseldorf, Germany),
C. Fry (Surrey, UK)

11.45–12.00 The cancer stem cell concept: reality or fiction in kidney cancer? R. Ackermann (Düsseldorf, Germany)

12.00–12.15 Electrophysiological and electromechanical properties of the urological smooth muscles C. Fry (Surrey, UK)

12.15–12.30 Biomarkers in kidney cancers: which impact for clinicians? K. Junker (Jena, Germany)

12.30–12.45 Survival in prostate cancer patients with positive lymph nodes during radical prostatectomy–the advantage of completed
radical prostatectomy P. Bastian (Munich, Germany)

12.45–13.00 What is new in urologic infectology W. Vahlensieck (Bad Wildungen,Germany)

13.00–13.15 Experience in laser-therapy of prostate since 2003 A. Erol (Istambul, Turkey)

13.15–14.15 Lunch

V. Bérczy (Budapest, Hungary)

14.15–14.30 Resident urologists’ education programme in Hungary I. Buzogány (Budapest, Hungary)

14.30–14.45 New developments in interventional uro-radiology V. Bérczy (Budapest, Hungary)

14.45–15.00 CT-based virtual methods in uro-radiology P. Bata (Budapest, Hungary)

15.00–15.15 Physiology of the ureter O. Fares (Budapest, Hungary)

15.15–15.45 Coffee break


Poster presentation
A. Hamvas (Budapest, Hungary),
I. Buzogány (Budapest, Hungary)

16.15–16.45 Test exam

16.45– Closing ceremony

19.00– Gala dinner

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