He is graduated at Semmelweis University, Budapest in 1974. After his university studies, he completed a 4 year residency in
pediatrics followed by another 4 year residency in urology. Continued his career as a pediatric urologist in 1982, and since
then he is working on the department of urology in the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital in Budapest. His scientific interest turned to
the investigation of congenital urological anomalies, especially to cryptorchidism. Currently, he is the head of the department
of urology in Heim Pál Children’s Hospital since 1999. Board member of the Hungarian Society of Urology. Member of the
ESPU (European Society for Paediatric Urology) since 1990 and he was the organizer and the president of the 13th Annual
Meeting of the ESPU held in Budapest in 2002. Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Paediatric Urology. Editor of the
textbook „Gyermekurológia” („Paediatric Urology”) published in Hungarian by Semmelweis Publisher, Budapest in 2007.