Education and career
1979–1985 University of Medicine, Tg. Mures,
Romania – medical doctor
1995 Expert in urology
2002 PhD
2008 Associate professor
Place of work Clinic of Urology, University of Medicine
Marosvásárhely, Romania
Employment record 1991-to date University of Medicine of Tg Mures, Clinic of Urology

Range of interest
urodynamics, pediatric urology, overactive bladder, female urology

1992 Romanian Association of Urology,
1996 European Association of Urology,
1998 Central European Association of Urology,
Member of the board of Romanian Association of Urodynamics

Study visit
1993 General Ultrasonography – Oradea, Romania–
course, 3 month
1994 Course of Endourology – 6 month
1994 Urodynamics-Nijmegen Holland –1 month
1996 Urooncology 2 weeks Clinic of Urology Debrecen
1999 Flexible uretreroscopy course – Stockholm
2008 Course of pathology of the prostate, bladder

1991 to date courses of urology for medical students and nurses

„Studiul determinarilor urodinamice in stabilirea diagnosticului
si tratamentului tulburarilor de mictiune”. Project participant(
1998–2001) Univ.Med.Farm. Tg. Mures.
Project PC7: „Centre for Patient Safety and Service Quality
of the Imperial College London1 project participant.
Project TET: Prosztatarák kimutatása Magyarországon és Romániában, 2009, project participant