Head of the Andrology Center of the Department of Urology of the Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest, Hungary.
Zsolt Kopa graduated on the 15.th of September 1990 in the Medical University in Pécs and started his medical work in the Urological Department of the Semmelweis University in Budapest. In 1994 he became specialized urologist, in 2004 specialized andrologist. In January 2006 Ph.D. degree was achieved with the work on male infertility.

His works are continually published in peer reviewed national and international journals, is participant of several international and national congresses with scientific presentations several times as invited lecturer and chairman. He has a routine in organizing national and international conferences and in graduate and postgraduate education in three languages. Since 2007 he is a valued member of the European Association of Urology Working Group on Male Infertility Guidelines Panel. He is the President of the Board of Andrology of the Semmelweis University Budapest, Vice President of the Hungarian Scientific Society of Andrology, member of the Executive Committee of the Hungarian Society of Urology and the Hungarian STD Society. Since 1996 he works as Coordinating Editor of the journal Hungarian Andrology.