Research topics for students in English language

Dr. Róbert Bódizs:
Sleep oscillations in the human thalamus and cortex

Dr. Ágnes Dósa:
-Consent to treatment – legal and ethical aspects
-Ethical and legal issues in death and dying
-Ethical and legal issues surrounding cardiopulmonary resuscitation
-Ethical and legal issues surrounding live organ donation
-Ethical and legal issues related to medical errors
-Ethical and legal issues related to medical errrors in dental care
-Ethical and legal issues related to pharmaceutical errors

Bence Döbrössy:
-Intercultural issues in healthcare
-Global poverty and health
-Social stratification and health
-Digital health policy
-Health and risk behavior

Dr. Edmond Girasek:
-Analysis of healthcare systems
-Disparities in the health care system
-Medical doctors’ career choice motivations
-Digital impacts on the health care system

Dr. Zsuzsa Győrffy:
Medicine in the Digital Age

Dr. János Kollár:
-Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Programs.
-Preventing burnout in medical students.
-Music therapy in medicine.
-Gamification in medical education.
-Possibilities of applying virtual reality in medical education.

Dr. József Kovács:
Ethical issues of psychiatry and psychotherapy

Dr. László Nemes:
-The ethics of procreation
-Narrative medicine
-The problems of paternalism

Dr. Orsolya Péter:
-The contemporary legal and ethical issues of human reproduction: abortion, surrogacy in the 21st century
-Legal issues in Bioethics (specific topic to be proposed by the student, subject to approval by the tutor)
-The contemporary legal and ethical challenges of E-medicine: confidentiality in a digitalised era, health data management, distance diagnostics, liability issues
-The human being in the 21st century: CRISPR, “super kids”, genetic enhancement, super prostheses, biohacking, transhumanism, and the law
-Competence and capacity to make health care decisions: incompetent patients, surrogate decision making, equal rights of persons with disabilities

Dr. György Purebl:
Conflict management and culture

Dr. Orsolya Szalárdy:
-Sleep and attention in children
-Temporal prediction and selective auditory attention

Dr. Imre Szebik:
-Ethical issues of clinical applications of genetics
-Ethical issues of clinical research
-Ethical issues related to maternity care

Dr. Attila Gábor Tóth:
Human Rights in Medicine
Right to life and right to die

Dr. Péter Ujma:
-The effects of traits and daily events on the sleep EEG
-Determinants of fertility in Hungary