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Research topics for students

Research topics for students in English language


Dr. Róbert Bódizs:
Sleep oscillations in the human thalamus and cortex

Dr. Ágnes Dósa:
1.Consent to treatment – legal and ethical aspects
2.Ethical and legal issues in death and dying
3.Ethical and legal issues surrounding cardiopulmonary resuscitation
4.Ethical and legal issues surrounding live organ donation
5.Ethical and legal issues related to medical errors
6.Ethical and legal issues related to medical errrors in dental care
7.Ethical and legal issues related to pharmaceutical errors

Bence Döbrössy:
1.Intercultural issues in healthcare
2.Global poverty and health
3.Social stratification and health
4.Digital health policy
5.Health and risk behavior

Dr. Edmond Girasek:
-Disparities in the health care system
-Medical doctors’ career choice motivations
-Digital impacts on the health care system

Dr. Zsuzsa Győrffy:
Medicine in the Digital Age

Dr. János Kollár:
1.Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Programs.
2.Preventing burnout in medical students.
3.Music therapy in medicine.
4.Gamification in medical education.

Dr. József Kovács:
Ethical issues of psychiatry and psychotherapy

Dr. László Nemes:
The ethics of procreation
Narrative medicine
The problems of paternalism

Dr. Orsolya Péter:
1.The contemporary legal and ethical issues of human reproduction: abortion, surrogacy in the 21st century
2.Legal issues in Bioethics (specific topic to be proposed by the student, subject to approval by the tutor)
3. The contemporary legal and ethical challenges of E-medicine: confidentiality in a digitalised era, health data management, distance diagnostics, liability issues
4.The human being in the 21st century: CRISPR, “super kids”, genetic enhancement, super prostheses, biohacking, transhumanism, and the law
5. Competence and capacity to make health care decisions: incompetent patients, surrogate decision making, equal rights of persons with disabilities

Dr. György Purebl:
Conflict management and culture

Dr. Imre Szebik:
1.Ethical issues of clinical applications of genetics
2.Ethical issues of clinical research
3.Ethical issues related to maternity care

Dr. Mónika Ditta Tóth:
Psychological aspects of suicidal behaviour

Dr. Péter Ujma:
IQ and later-life health