Methodology for electrophysiological analysis of sleep-wake states PhD course

Semmelweis University, Mental Health Sciences Doctoral School, 4/2 Doctoral Program

Time: Tuesdays between 1.00 p.m.-2.30 p.m.

Place: Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioural Sciences

PhD course leader: Dr. Róbert Bódizs

The aim of the course is twofold: on the one hand, to introduce the basic electrophysiological phenomena and their functional significance in human sleep-wake states, and on the other hand, to introduce students to electrophysiological methods, techniques and analytical procedures from a practical point of view, and to introduce them to everyday research practice.


2022.09.06. The neurobiological basis of electrophysiology (Dr. Orsolya Szalárdy)

2022.09.13.  The electrophysiology of NREM sleep (Dr. Róbert Bódizs)

2022.09.20.  The electrophysiology of REM sleep (Dr. Péter Simor)

2022.09.27.  Electrophysiology of wakefulness (Dr. Orsolya Szalárdy)

2022.10.04.  Alternative methods and advances in mobile EEG technology: portable and wireless systems, dry EEG, full-band EEG (Dr. Róbert Bódizs)

2022.10.11.  Invasive methods and procedures in human electrophysiology (Dr. Róbert Bódizs)

2022.10.18.  Evoked potentials (Dr. Orsolya Szalárdy)

2022.10.25.   Frequency analysis of time series – I: Fourier analysis, cosinor analysis(Dr. Róbert Bódizs)

2022.11.08.  Frequency analysis of time series – II: wavelet analysis (Dr. Orsolya Szalárdy)

2022.11.15.  Synchronisation analysis of time series – I: correlation, cross-correlation, coherence, imaginary coherence, (weighted) phased lag index, functional and effective connectivity (Dr. Róbert Bódizs)

2022.11.22. Interoception in the light of HEP (heartbeat evoked potential): theoretical background and practical implications (Dr. Péter Simor)  

2022.11.29.  Statistical aspects in electrophysiology: from multiple testing control to LASSO regression (Dr. Péter Ujma)

2022.12.06.   Synchronisation analysis of time series – II: functional network analysis (Dr. Brigitta Tóth)

2022.12.13.   Discussion about topic-related issues (Dr. Róbert Bódizs)