The Mission Statement of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences at Semmelweis University, Budapest

The mission of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences is the institutional representation of an integrative approach incorporating behavioural sciences related education, research, and patient care at the Semmelweis University. The task of the Institute is the pragmatic application of the most recent research results.

We put special emphasis on developing and teaching courses related to the bio-psycho-social approach in order to promote vocational personality development, both at the graduate and postgraduate level. Our work is instrumental in forming public health processes by developing community-based programs, and providing the professional and scientific background necessary for adequate health policy decisions.

We consider medicine as an integral part of natural sciences, as well as social sciences. We advocate the standards of both evidence-based medicine and value-based medicine. Our aim is to convey an approach that facilitates the familiarization with and observance of the rights of patients, doctors, and health care workers. We promote the health psychology and psychosomatic approach in patient care.

It is our mission to represent the integrative concept of harmonizing the bio-psycho-social and spiritual dimensions of public health care, reinforce health promotion, and enhance the improvement of quality of life in Hungary.

Our main resource is our multidisciplinary community. The members of the Institute are representatives of several professions and are able to integrate their experience and knowledge acquired in the respective field in order to realise the goals of the Institute.