Culture in Medicine, Culture of Medicine II. (Focus on Mental Health and Mental Healing)

W1: Medical Anthropology and Beyond – Discussion of the semester: Requirements and Timescale.

W2: Placebo – Theories and Practice I.
Placebo in pharmacological research and medical treatments

W3: Placebo – Theories and Practice II.
Alternative/Complementary Healing

W4: Medicalization of Feelings and Thoughts – Concise History of Mental Disorders

W5: Psychiatry – DSM and other problems with nosologies – What is a Problem, after all? And how to call it?

W6: Psychiatry –Science or Subjectivness – Brain or Soul

W7: Psychiatry – Social Actor – Social Factor (Expenses, Availability, Roles, Benefits and Welfare)

W8: Culture Bound Syndromes I.
Body image and Eating Disorders

W9: Culture Bound Syndromes II.
Bodily, mental, or psychosomatic?

W10: Culture Bound Syndromes III.
Old Ones and New Ones – Exotism and Mainstream

W11: Talking Therapies and Symbolic Healing– Critical approach to Psychotherapy

W12: Family therapy – Families and therapies around world

W13: Fieldworks: Discussion 1.

W14: Fieldworks: Discussion 2.,Recapitulation, Feedback and Evaluation


Requirements of the Course:

– Active participation and interactive presence at the classes

– A classroom presentation on one of the main topics

– A mini fieldwork submitted written up by a set day and presented at a class