How is exemption regulated by the Study and Exam Code of the university?

Study and Exam Code, Article 21: Accepting substitute and optional courses
“1. The acceptance of courses announced at another faculty or institution means deciding whether the given courses can replace other subjects, or are different from them.
2. A course may be replaced by another if at least 75% of the replacement course program (syllabus) is the same as that of the replaced course.
3. A subject is different from another if they are at least 25% different.”

What are the subjects I can be exempted from?

At the Institute of Behavioral Sciences you can be exempted from Medical Psychology, Medical Sociology, Medical Communication and Bioethics-Medical ethics.

How can I ask for exemption?

To ask for exemption you are obliged to present the following documents:

1. a typed letter of request for each subject separately (e-mails are not accepted)
2. an official copy of the syllabus of the corresponding course, signed and stemped by a responsible person at the home university
3. official documentation of courses finished by exams (grades and credit points) or corresponding courses attended without having obtained grades.
4. an explanation of the notation system (e.g. „A” as the best result achievable)

When is it worth asking for exemption?

If the level of studies on the basis of which you ask for exemption is identical to a university or college level. We cannot accept high school grades neither grades attained at any other form of secondary education, nor work experience in health care services.

1. If the syllabus of the course you attended during your former studies covers 75% of the course from which you would like to be exempted.

2. If you finished the corresponding course without getting any grade but its duration was double than the one from which you would like to be exempted and the 75% syllabus coverage prevails. In this case, you are offered the grade “jeles” (excellent).
3. Those students who have an MA degree in Psychology can be exempted from both medical psyhology and medical communication. In any other cases, point 1 and 2 apply.

Where can I submit my documents?

All requests should be submitted at the Secretariat of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, NET Building, Nagyvárad tér 4., 20th floor, Educational Secretariat, Room 2005.

What is the deadline of submission?

You can submit your request in compliance with the deadlines set by the Foreign Secretariat.

How is the exemption request responded to?

We respond to the exemption request within a week. The written adjudication can be received at the secretariat of the Institute a week after handing the request in.

Why has my request been rejected?

If your request has been rejected it means that based on the submitted documents you do not fit the criteria of exemption.  Take care that you ask for an exemption only if you fit all the items of the above listed criteria.