Department leader: Dr. Zsuzsa Győrffy, PhD, associate professor

Members of the department: Dr. Virág Bognár , Bence Döbrössy, Dr. Edmond Girasek, Dr. Anna Susánszky, Dr. Szilvia Zörgő

PhD students: Dr. Zsuzsanna Szél, Zsuzsa Koncz, Nóra Radó

Aim of the course:

By the mid to late 20th century, the biomedical model in medicine was replaced by the biopsychosocial model. There are biological, psychological and social factors in the background of illness. This is the approach we take in this course in looking at various aspects of health, illness and medical work. Our aim is to introduce health professionals to the social factors they must be familiar with in working with patients. Topics include social stratification and health inequalities, the principles of health care systems, medicalisation and the changing medical profession, illness behaviour, intercultural issues in health care as well as the challenges of digital health.

Enhancing the research skills of students is a vital aim of the course, hence the teaching method in the practicals is project based.

Compulsory subjects taught by the department:

The sociology of healthcare and medicine – Faculty of Medicine (2 credits)

Medical sociology for dentistry- Faculty of Medicine (1 credit)

Pharmaceutical sociology- Faculty of Pharmacy