Welcome to the Students’ Scientific Association (TDK) at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Semmelweis University

Participating in various scientific research programs has become more popular among students in recent years. Students can take up scientific work in the Students’ Scientific Association as a university course, and the outcomes of their scientific work will constitute an important part in the entrance examination scores for the resident doctor and doctoral courses. Besides, doing research has great attraction for students since they can challenge themselves in a different way other than memorizing books and taking detailed notes in seminars. More often the research group students form a circle of friends as well, and the tutor may become their role model. Furthermore, the knowledge and the techniques acquired in the course of research may prove useful also in the future work of the students.

The Institute of Behavioural Sciences fills a unique place among the institutions of the Semmelweis University as we consider medicine to belong to both natural sciences and social sciences. The Institute lays special emphasis on conveying the bio-psycho-social approach. The research work conducted in the institute is greatly varied: acupuncture, quality of life of chronic patients, sleep research, social issues related to childbearing, research related to professional socialization, and many other topics that all complement each other.

Registering for the course and the frame of research work:

Since the students’ scientific work qualifies as a credit course at the university, there are requirements for completing the course. We would like to draw your attention to that is compulsory for the students to submit a research plan.

How to apply and register for the research work:
  1. Talk to and agree with the future supervisor (see research topics and supervisors here)
  2. Register in person at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences (20th floor of the NET building, room 2013, Raduch Csilla), or send the TDK Application Form to the e-mail address  raduch.csilla@med.semmelweis-univ.hu
  3. Following your discussion with the future supervisor and after registering at the Institute (either in person or by e-mail), you have to register for TDK work in the Neptun system!

This process of application and registration described above is required before carrying out scientific research and completing the course.

Contact: Dr. Róbert Bódizs,  bodizs.robert@med.semmelweis-univ.hu

More information:


We wish you successful research work and we hope you will spend your time in a pleasant & useful way!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Róbert Bódizs
responsible for issues related to students’ scientific association within the institute