Semmelweis University Doctoral School – Mental Health Sciences Division

Head of the doctoral school: Prof. Dr. György Bagdy, Semmelweis University, Department of Pharmacodynamics
The name of the program: Behavioural Sciences
Program coordinator: Prof. Dr. József Kovács, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Our doctoral course is conducted in a scientific area of integrative character at the meeting point of natural sciences and social sciences paradigms, bridging these two disciplines. The subject of our research and the focus of our scientific training is the human behaviour in a bio-psycho-social frame of reference. Our aim is to explore and promote the elements of health behaviour as well as examining the psychosocial risk factors of diseases, the background of self-destructive behaviours, and the development of health protective behaviours. In the course of our research we pay special attention to the knowledge and application of the laws of successful and ethical coping and competent behaviour, and personality development.

We try to achieve these aims with an interdisciplinary, integrative approach supported by results in the field of medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology, bioethics, neuro-anatomy, and neuro-physiology. It is important for us to integrate fundamental and applied researches conducted on the frontiers of natural sciences and social sciences. In our doctoral training health sciences and clinical medical sciences PhD degrees can be obtained. The professional plan of the PhD program follows a similar program to the doctoral program at John Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland, USA).

Further important information can be found on the website of the Doctoral School of the Semmelweis University.

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