Psychophysiology and Chronobiology Research Group

Head of the Department:
Dr. habil. Dr. Bódizs Róbert, senior research fellow, psychologist

Members of the Department:
Dr. Péter Przemysław Ujma, senior lecturer, psychologist
Dr. Orsolya Szalárdy, research fellow, biologist
Melinda Becske (part-time researcher), assistant research fellow, psychologist
Dr. Péter Simor (part-time research fellow), research fellow, psychologist
Ferenc Gombos (external advisor), programmer

Laboratory web page:

Oscillations of sleep and wakefulness are among the most important characteristics of human and animal existence. Our group studies the full bandwidth of these oscillations – from a few milliseconds to several weeks – as independent scientific research team. Changes in sleep and wake states and the pattern of cerebral and vegatative functions underlying them implicitly encode several key aspects of the human behavior repertoire (e.g. cognitive functions, intelligence, personality), including health-related phenomena (e.g. nightmares, developmental disorders, epilepsy). Our goal is to decipher this code and to generate applied knowledge.
We work as graduate and postgraduate course administrators, lecturers and seminar teachers, providing an education portfolio focused on sleep research, consciousness and psychophysiology for the medical psychology classes and the specialized PhD training courses of the university.

Selected publications from the last five years

Péter P Ujma, Róbert Bódizs, Martin Dresler: Sleep and intelligence: critical review and future directions. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. Volume 33, June 2020, pp. 109-117.

Róbert Bódizs, Anna Kis, Márta Gácsi, József Topál: Sleep in the dog: comparative, behavioral and translational relevance. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences Volume 33, June 2020, Pages 25-33.

Péter P Ujma, Péter Simor, Axel Steiger, Martin Dresler, Róbert Bódizs: Individual slow wave morphology is a marker of ageing. Neurobiology of Aging, Volume 80, August 2019, pp. 71-82.