Thanatology research group

Katalin Hegedűs, PhD, Dr.habil., associate professor

Ágnes Zana, PhD, associate professor
Edit Czeglédi, PhD, senior lecturer
Adrienne Kegye, assistant lecturer, PhD student
Éva Zsák, PhD student
Enikő Földesi, PhD student
Orsolya Horváth, PhD student 

Research field:

The work-group deals with the issues of death, dying, the psychological questions of bereavement, and the psychical health of those working with terminally ill people.

The main orientation of our studies is measuring the somatic and mental state of health care workers dealing with the terminally ill and the attitude towards death, assessing  the impact of bereavement on the physical and mental health of the Hungarian population.

Besides the questions of the Hungarostudy surveys in 2006 and 2013, we are using other questionnaires related to burn-out and fear of death.

The main aims of the research are: identifying the risk-factors and protective factors  related to morbidity, direct application of intervention strategies by examining the new models of care connected to dying and the new rituals of death and mourning.


Related publications in the last 5 years:

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  4. Zana Á, Kegye A, Czeglédi E, Hegedűs K (2020): Differences in well-being and fear of death among female hospice employees and volunteers in Hungary. BMC Palliative Care, 19, Article number: 58 (2020)  DOI