Our outpatient department is a diagnostic and treatment facility for clients with the following disorders and problems:
  • Eating disorders
  • Panic disorders and phobias
  • Insomnia and parasomnias
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Sexual dysfunctions
  • Family/marital difficulties which require family or marital therapy

Team: Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. Our therapists are specialized for psychotherapy (mainly CBT) and family/marital therapy.

Head of  the Psychosomatic Outpatient Department

Dr. György Purebl: psychiatrist, sleeping disorder, anxiety, stress based disorder, stress management and health risk management trainings


Bernadett Babusa: specialty in eating disorders
Dr. Piroska Balog: specialty in the therapy of anxiety and stress based disorders
Dr. Bálint Füzéki: psychotherapy of crisis situations, family, couples and group therapy
Dr. Ágnes Hajnal: psychotherapy of anxiety disorder
Dr. Adrienne Kegye
Dr. József Kovács: anxiety disorder, panic disorder, couples therapy
Dr. László Lajtai: anxiety disorder, depression, identity disorder, individual, family and group therapy, relaxation and imaginative therapy
Dr. Jenő Lőrincz: psychosomatic and anxiety disorder, psychotherapy of mood disorder, personality development
Dr. János Pilling: couples disorder, sexual disorder, grief and bereavement, individual, couple and family therapy
Dr. Gyöngyvér Salavecz
Imola Sándor: learning problems, anxiety disorder, individual, group couples and family therapy
Dr. Adrienne Stauder: anxiety and stress based disorder, psychosomatic disorder (skin problems), Williams life skills
Tamás Dömötör Szalai
Dr. Irena Szumska: anxiety disorder, eating disorder, self evaluation problems, individual, family and group therapy
Dr. Anna Szűcs: sleeping disorder
Dr. Ferenc Túry: eating disorder, anxiety disorder, enuresis, individual, family and group therapy