The diploma work

1. In all kinds of programs the student is required to prepare a diploma work for the diploma. The aim of the diploma work is to enable the student by the individual research of the scientific field to improve his or her skills in seeing the significant items, the method of researching literature and express opinions compactly and accurately.

2. The preparation of the diploma work is guided by a supervisor and sometimes a consultant. A supervisor may be an instructor or researcher of the faculty or, if the dean allows, an external expert. A consultant is a university researcher instructor or an external expert who helps the student’s work. If an external supervisor is applied, an internal consultant is required. When elaborating the topic, basic and up-to-date works related to the topic need to be used.

3. The schedule of announcing and approving diploma work topics:

The head of the organizational unit prepares a list of topics and indicates the names of the consultants. The list of topics is made public at least four semesters earlier than the last year of the program by the end of the first exam period of each school year on the notice board of the faculty and on the Internet.

4. Rules of registering for topics:

The student may select any announced topic. The topic selection may be different from these if the head of the education organizational unit agrees. The student must submit the topic at least a year before concluding the studies at the head of the education organizational unit. If approved, the head will record the topic and provide a consultant. The selected topic discusses a current issue of the given scientific field.

5. The formal requirements of the diploma work:

The length of the diploma work must be no less than 50,000 characters and no longer than 100,000 (excluding spaces). Font type: Times New Roman, font size: twelve. Tables and references are included in the length, but figures, footnotes and the literature list are not. The diploma work must be submitted in a stitched or bound format in 2 copies. The front must indicate the title, the name, class and group of the student, the time of submitting the diploma work and the name/workplace of the consultant. The student may write the diploma work in a foreign language if the head of department approves.

6. The deadline for submitting:

The student must consult with the consultant at least three times:

– first: by no later than 1 October in the final year – The consultant informs the student on the requirements and topic choices, second: by no later than 15 November in the final year – The student reports on the work completed up until that point,

– third: by no later than 1 January in the final year – the consultant evaluates the results of the student and gives advice on the finalization. The diploma work prepared has to be submitted at the department by 15 January in 2 copies. At the Faculty of Pharmacy the deadline of submission is March 1 in the year of graduation.

7. The diploma work must be handed over to a referee. The referee must be either an external expert holding a university (or college) degree or a university instructor invited by the head of the organizational unit. The referee and the supervisor will recommend a grade.

8. The diploma work (as part of the compulsory subjects) is evaluated on a five-scale grade. The extent of individual research will be taken into consideration. The defense of the diploma work takes place before a three-member committee of the given unit, the member are the head of the unit (or the deputy), the consultant and an instructor of the unit. The unit may invite an external instructor of the university as a third member. In case of a fail, the head of the unit notifies the student and informs him or her about the possibilities of correction. A failed diploma work may only be corrected once.

9. The head of the unit hands over a copy of the diploma work to the student after the defense and the other copy along with minutes of the defense will be kept by the unit. The diploma work will be kept at the library of the unit for a period of five years. The minutes will be sent to the Dean’s Office by 1 April at the latest.

10. The obligation of preparing a diploma work may be waived by the dean or the director upon the recommendation of the unit for the following students:

– who prepare a rector paper as one of a maximum of two authors and receive a first or second prize, – who publish a first author paper in a scientific periodical. The request must be submitted at the at the Dean’s Office by the end of the year before the final year. If the waiver is granted, the student still has to defend the paper.

11. The unit will return a copy of the successfully defended diploma work to the student. The other copy will be kept by the unit in accordance with effective archiving rules. One of the two copies of filled-out minutes will be sent to Dean’s Office at least 60 days prior to the final exam period, while the other will be kept by the unit.