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Working Group for Depression and Suicide Prevention

Working group for depression and suicide prevention

Leader: György Purebl, MD, PhD


  1. Szilvia Ádám, PhD
  2. Emma Birkás, PhD
  3. András Székely
  4. Mónika Ditta Tóth, PhD
  5. Ferenc Túry, MD, PhD


Research topic

The aim of the working group is to facilitate and manage researches in the field of depression and suicide prevention as well as to organize and to help implementing interventions locally. Strengthening the commitment for prevention of different policy levels is a key activity.


European projects

2004-2009: European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD) I and II

2010-2013: Optimizing Suicide Prevention programs and Their Implementation in Europe (OSPI-Europe)

2011-2014 Preventing Depression and Improving Awareness through Networking in the EU (PREDI-NU)

2013-2016 Joint Action of Mental Health and Well-being. Taking Evidence-based Actions Against Depression and Suicide (WP4) European Work Package Leader

Our workgroup is the Hungarian representative of European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD)

Research areas:

Investigation of psychosocial factors in the background of suicide attempts.

Evaluation of community activities for preventing depression and suicide.

Development and testing of depression and suicide prevention programs.