Imre Lázár MD, MSc, PhD

Ferenc Túry, MD, PhD
János Kollár, MA, PhD
Orsolya Péter, PhD

The Research Group aims to integrate humanities, arts, social sciences and medical knowledge in the frame of behavioral sciences. We wish to expand the boundaries of the current discourse, organizing interdisciplinary reseaches and collaborations, offering open forum for such scientific enterprizes and adapting the results into the medical education.

Participation in international scientific networks (e.g. SC&H Network of EASA, or CEESBM in form of Summer School), organizing conferences, and editing on-line and off-line periodicals entitled Central East-European Journal of Medical Humanities; all these help to realize our aims.

We aim to include new fields of humanities like medical semiotics, cultural studies of healing, psychophysiology of art, dance and music therapy, theory of film, music and fine arts with special regards to health psychology. This way we explore the entanglement of health science with humanities and social science in a holistic multimodal way within a cultural perspective.

The biopsychosocial-spiritual approach helps us to integrate spiritual aspects of healing by the help of medical and religious anthropology, communication studies and psychophysiology.

Current research

The ouvre of Marco Ferreri in frame of media theory, semiotics, cultural studies and health psychology

Medical pluralism, spiritual and religious healing.

Worksite health culture and health psychology in cultural context

Laterality studies, hemipspherial dominance, arts and psychosomatic vulnerability,

Health ecology, human geography of health,


Cooperations with Universities:

Cooperation with Durham University,

Cooperation with Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church, Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Communication and Social Sciences

Cooperation with Metropolitan University, Belgrade


Scientific Societies and Networks

Cooperation with the European SPES, the CESSBM and the EASA SC&H networks



Imre Lázár


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Imre Lázár „Attached FIles” Anthropological Essays Body, Soul, Attachment and Spirituality Cambridge Scholar Publishing 2015

Imre Lázár Dance of the Avatar Embodying Culture and Gender through Dance Nova Science New York 2015



Zsinkó-Szabó Z., Lázár I., Túry F.: A test gyarmatosítása – a civilizáció vadhajtásai. Lege Artis Medicinae 22:234-240,

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