Leader of research group: dr. Szebik Imre
Memebers of research group: dr. Szántó Zsuzsa, dr. Susánszky Anna, dr. Susánszky Éva Associates: dr. Nicolas Rubashkin, Susánszky Pál
Student researcher: Volford Kinga

Research interests:

Our interdisciplinary research group analyses the social, anthropological and ethical questions of pregnany and maternity care. The aim of our research is to map and analyse

  • events related to childbearing and birth
  • the different models of obstetric care
  • Hungarian aspects of obstetric care

with qualitative and quantitative methods.

Most important publications:

Szebik I, Susanszky E, Szanto Z, Susanszky A, Rubashkin N: ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS OF OBSTETRIC CARE IN HUNGARY: Results from the Mother-Centred Pregnancy Care Survey EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MENTAL HEALTH 13:(1) pp. 51-69. (2018)

Baji P, Rubashkin N, Szebik I, Stoll K, Vedam S: Informal cash payments for birth in Hungary: Are women paying to secure a known provider, respect, or quality of care? SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE 189: pp. 86-95. (2017)

Nicholas Rubashkin, Imre Szebik, Petra Baji, Zsuzsa Szántó, Éva Susánszky, Saraswathi Vedam: Assessing quality of maternity care in Hungary: expert validation and testing of the mother-centered prenatal care (MCPC) survey instrument REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH 14: Paper 152. 10 p. (2017)