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Educational action plans

Action plan based on the student feedback received in the  2. semester of the 2020/2021. academic year 

AOKMAG669 1-A: The Sociology of Healthcare and Medicine

With an overall average of 4.12, this subject is among the top ranked compulsory courses in the English language programme. In each and every question, the course is somewhat over the faculty average.

In case of the practicals, students ranked the course slightly under the overall faculty average. Having reviewed the responses, we are implementing some changes this term. Exam-like practice tests and exercises will be uploaded on Moodle so as to give students a chance to familiarise themselves with exam type questions. Exam practice will also receive a higher emphasis in the practices as a result of which students will find the classes more useful. Personnel changes have also been instigated, hopefully leading to quality improvement.

English Medical Psychology Education

Created by János Kollár

In the 2019-2020 academic year, based on student feedback, the subject lagged the facultyaverage with 28 points. In the 2020-2021 school year, the subject and the teaching work wereless only by 0.25 points and only by 0.07 points than the faculty average respectively. Thegoal is to achieve scores above the faculty average. To do this, the next action plan will befollowed:

  1. The monthly instructor meetings will be continued
  2. Practice leaders will continue to ask for regular feedback from their students on the qualityof exercises and presentations. Student ideas are collected, a those worthy of implementationare shared in joint discussions.
  3. Limiting the time of student presentations during the practices yet should be taken moreseriously.
  4. Teaching of the subject should involve more full-time members of the Institute ofBehavioral Sciences. Given that the subject will be included only in the second semester, itwill be easier than it was in the last school year.

Department: Intsitute of Behavioral Science, Department of Bioethics

Faculty: Faculty of Medicine

Subject: Bioethics-Medical Ethics

 Our feedback on general comments by the students:

  Only 5 students filled out the  questionnaire out of 185, which is 3% of the students. 7

This number is not representetive, so we cannot draw conlcusions from this result.

 The action plan was compiled by: Jozsef Kovács, MD, PhD

FOKVMAG235_1A Medical Sociology for Dentistry

The overall average (4.35) of the course is higher than the faculty average. In the case of the subject evaluation, all scores are over the faculty average and in the case of the practicals, they are at or around that of the faculty average. Hence what needs to be improved is student satisfaction with the practicals. In order to do so, more time will be provided for students during the practicals to work on their projects (the project work is 40% of the final grade.) The research method elements available for the project work will also be extended. Instead of just doing literature review, students will be able to undertake interview research or surveys as well.

Communication and Information Networks (theory+practice)

Neptun code: GYKMAG120G1A

Altogether 25% of students (N=17) filled in the questionnaire. Although it was a newly introduced subject in the curriculum, all the feedback was positive. Every evaluated question equals the faculty average. The organizaiton of the subject was rated the highest (4.18).

Based on our experiences and verbal feedback from the students the Pharmaceutical Communication working group has the following action plan for the upcoming semesters:

  1. To prepare a Pharmaceutical Communication handbook which enables to acquire up to date knowledge of the subect.
  2. To use the previous project works as a demonstration for the students.

Mónika Tóth