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Dental Psychology

English dental psychology teaching program,


2nd semester


Course syllabus:

Week 1. 03/02/2020 Psychological Thinking, Models, Theories Dr. Peter Ujma
Week 2. 10/02/2020 Principles of perception, pain, consciousness, emotions and communication -and their relations to dentistry Dr. Peter Ujma
Week 3. 17/02/2020 Stress and stress management in dental practice Dr. Adrienne Stauder
Week 4. 24/02/2020 Conscious states, sleep, dreaming, general anesthesia Dr. Robert Bódizs
Week 5. 02/03/2020 Control problems, cognitive-behavioural therapy and their relation to dental practice Dr. Nora Fóris
Week 6. 09/03/2020 Depression and their relation to dental practice Dr. Peter Ujma
16/03/2020 Study break
Week 7. 23/03/2020 Psychosomatics and Psychotherapeutic methods in dental practice Dr. Nora Fóris
Week 8. 30/03/2020 Study break
Week 9. 06/04/2020 Psychological crisis, presuicidal syndrome, and burn-out prevention Dr. János Kollár
13/04/2020 Study break
Week 10. 20/04/2020 Breaking bad news and disclosing medical errors Dr. János Kollár
Week 11 27/04/2020 Substance misuse, substance abuse, drug addiction Tamás Fenyves
Week 12 04/05/2020 Dental consequences of eating disorders Tamás Szalai
Week 13 11/05/2020 Motivational interviewing and its application in dental practice Dr. Nóra Fóris

The powerpoint slides of the lectures will be made available in a PDF format on the course website and in Moodle system.


Recommended text books:

Behavioral dentistry. Mostofsky DI, Forgione AG, Giddon DB (eds.), Blackwell Munksgaard, 2006.

Behavior & Medicine. 4th Edition, Danny Wedding, Hogrefe & Huber Publishers, Seattle, 2006.

Fadem B: Behavioral Science, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins,  5th ed., 2008.

Sarafino E.P.: Health Psychology. Biopsychosocial interactions. 6 th ed., New York, Wiley, 2008.

Kopp M. – Skrabski Á.: Behavioral Sciences Applied in a Changing Society, Corvina, 1996.

Course Director:         Dr. Gyongyver Salavecz,