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Information for English Language program Pharmacy students


Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine / English Language Program’s students website.

The Directorate of International Studies coordinates the affairs of students enrolled in the English language courses of all three Faculties: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences.
From now, you will find all the information you need for your studies on the Registrar’s Office website.

Click on the Medicine main menu to access all the important information, curriculum, internships, downloadable forms and the online contact / document ordering interface. Under the Knowledge Base menu, we publish a wealth of useful and important information for students participating in English language courses, in all three faculties. If you would like to contact the person responsible for a specific subject, please use our Department / Tutor contact page.

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Appointments for occupational health examination are available on Neptun. After logging in select Administration >> Reserve dates >> Dates menus to list the available appointments.

Information on administration for students

In addition to traditional email/in person enquiries, students can now also start administrative tasks here on our website using online fillable forms. We are not yet able to offer fully online administration, but cases can now be initiated using the forms on our website. Our aim is to make it easy for everyone to find information about their inquiry and find the right administrator or contact person. As with all other cases, our official turnaround/response time is 5 working days.

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Latest study related posts


Pdf format available here . File number: 107735/JIF/2022.   Chancellor’s Instruction No. K/2/2022 (X.10.) on cash payment of tuition fees for USD training programs at the currency cashier Semmelweis University (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) has been offering training in foreign languages for four decades and now it can be regarded as the flagship of …

NEW CHANGES IN THE STUDY AND EXAMINATION REGULATION After long reconciliations we finally managed to develop a more consistent study and examination regulation that will serve the long-term interests of the students. In these discussions our aim was to enable and support the value-oriented, high quality work between teachers and students on the level of …


Semmelweis University Organizational and Operational Regulations – Part III. Student Standards – CHAPTER 3.13: RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN SELF-FUNDED FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAMS   1. The scope of the regulations These regulations apply to students of Semmelweis University participating in non-state-funded, self-funded foreign language programs in Hungary.   2. Establishing a student status …

Departments of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dean's Office of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
1085 Budapest, VIII. Üllői út 26. földszint 16.
Department of Organic Chemistry
1092 Budapest, Hőgyes Endre u. 7.
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
1092 Budapest, Hőgyes Endre u. 9.
Department of Pharmaceutics
1092 Budapest, Hőgyes Endre u. 7.
Department of Pharmacodynamics
1089 Nagyvárad tér 4., 8. emelet
Department of Pharmacognosy
1085 Budapest Üllői út 26.
University Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy Administration
1092 Budapest, Hőgyes Endre u. 7-9.