What does CV and FM mean?

CV and FM are abbreviations. CV stands for the Hungarian term „Csak Vizsga”, meaning „Exam only”. The term indicates that the student has already received the signature for taking the course, that is, fulfilled the semester requirements and only the exam is missing, which can be taken in the following semester. The course can be completed in the given semester without the obligation to attend the contact lessons or to fulfill other term-time requirements by using any unused exam opportunities remaining from the semester of the last registration of the original course.

FM stands for the Hungarian term „Felmentett”, meaning „Exempt”. This term also indicates that the subject requirements have been fulfilled and student only needs to take the exam.  The student is not obliged to take the course again, however since the subject is offered again, he/she can decide to do so. (Should the student decide to attend the course again, even though he/she has already fulfilled the requirements, the same rules shall apply to him/her as to those attending the class for the first time (Absence, attendance at classes, etc.)) This qualifies as a course re-registration.

Do I have to fail an exam at least once in order to be allowed to take the CV course in the next term?

No. You can roll over all 3 exam opportunities to the following semester and take them as a CV course.

How many retake opportunities do I have in a semester and in an academic year?

There are 3 exam opportunities in each subject per semester (1 exam, and 2 retakes) when the subject is offered as a normal or FM course. In the following semester – when the subject is offered as a CV course – only the remaining chances left from the previous semester can be used. There is a special 4th try once a year (the 3rd retake), which may be used exclusively in 1 chosen subject. After using this 4th exam opportunity in one subject, the student shall not have a 4th try in any other subjects; they also will not be granted “special permission” for a 5th opportunity. Please count your remaining exam opportunities carefully!

For example, if you use 2 exam opportunities for Biophysics II in the 2nd semester, you will have only one remaining opportunity for the retake in the following semester (plus the one extra (4th) chance, if you haven’t used it already in that specific academic year in another subject).

How many retake opportunities do I have from a subject during my studies?

The university terminates, by a unilateral statement, the student status of a student whose total number of unsuccessful retake and repeated retake examinations in the same subject unit reaches five.

You may not attend and is not allowed to register for the seventh examination (the sixth retake examination) of the given subject after having failed the exam six times during his/her student status.

How many times can I register for a subject?

The missing credits of an unaccomplished compulsory course can be obtained no later than in the semester when the subject is re-announced at the second time, except if the student’s status has been suspended.

For example, if you registered to a subject in 2020/2021/1 semester for the first time, you need to finish it in the 2022/2023/1 semester at the latest, except if you were passive in a semester in which the subject was announced as an FM course. However, if you were active and did not register for the subject, it does count towards your registratoin opportunities.