How do I calculate my average?

Study average means the weighted average, which is a way to measure a student’s academic success in school. The weighted average is calculated from the grades and the credit points belonging to each subject. For each completed course for the previous semester, the number of credit points must be multiplied with the grade received. All subjects are added up and then this amount is divided by the total number of credits collected in the semester.

Example for one semester:


Basics of Biostatistics and Informatics:

Hungarian Medical Terminology I.:

Basics of Medical Physics:

Medical Chemistry:

Basics of Medical Chemistry:

Medical Terminology:

Physical Education I.

grade of 3 for 9 credits

grade of 4 for 3 credits

grade of 5 for 4 credits

grade of 5 for 3 credits

grade of 4 for 6 credits

grade of 5 for 3 credits

grade of 5 for 2 credits

= 27

 = 12

= 20

= 15

= 24

= 15

= 10


∑: 27 + 12 + 20 + 15 + 24 + 15 + 10 = 123

Number of credits earned in the semester: 30
Weighted average from the first semester: 123/ 30 = 4.1

What is the difference between weighted average and cumulative weighted average?

The weighted average and cumulative weighted average are based on grades given for each course taken and the number of credit hours specified for those courses over the specified period of time (one term for weighted average; more or all terms for cumulative weighted average). The difference between the two is that weighted average is calculated for one semester of the year and cumulative weighted average is based on two or more semesters of the individual.

Am I eligible for a scholarship based on my average?

Tuition fees can be reduced in case of excellent study record.

An application for a reduction in the amount of the tuition fee may be submitted by a student who:

  • has at least one completed semester in the same faculty,
  • completed his/her studies in the first or second semester of the first year and every subsequent semester without interruption with a weighted average of above 4.50,
  • obtained at least 20 credits at the University in the given semester,
  • has completed the compulsory subjects required by the sample curriculum for the given semester,
  • was not exempted from any subjects in the given semester, and
  • no ethical, disciplinary or criminal proceeding has been initiated against him/her by the time of the application.

The reduction of the tuition fee according applies to one semester, and its extent shall be determined by the weighted average of the semester:

  • between 4.51 and 4.99, the reduction is 10%,
  • in case of 5.00, the reduction is 15%.